Buying innerwear regularly is one of the biggest challenges that most men face. You will found out that most of them usually dress nicely from outside, but when it comes to buying undergarment, that’s where the problem begins. According to research, most of them are shy about buying undergarments from the street while others are too busy to consider changing their undergarments. Here are the benefits of buying board shorts:

Available varieties to choose from

Therefore, if your wardrobe is full of traditional underwear, or you still carry along with your swimwear whenever you are out for swimming sports or fun, then it is high time you stop your nearby apparel store, and request for board shorts or you can as well check the varieties here  and a particular suits your needs.

Available for aquatics sports

Board shorts swimwears are most used during aquatic sports tournament. Most athletes prefer board shorts since they are designed with a smooth, lightweight fabric, dries fast, and have the finest material.

Boadies board shorts

Aquatic athletes and surfers usually refer board shorts as the Boardies. Before Boardies were made with and other swimwear such as Funky Trunk, Speedos, Funkita and other swimming apparels, swimming apparel were common among ladies, gentlemen and kids. Board shorts are made with fabrics such as smooth polyester, or nylon.

Since they are made from the quality fabrics, they are durable and lightweight, especially when used in various sports tournaments. Boardies are available in the market in the market in various styles, colours and designs. Not only they are used as sportswear, but also they are put on as the daily attire. Currently, there are boadies attires for both genders, including the children.

Reasons behind reputability of boadies

One of the reasons behind the reputable boadies is that they don’t have elastic bands all around their waist, but just a stiff waistband meant to endure the force of stronger waves while surfing. Waistband design has been, opened at the front of Velco fly style. Therefore, to give more support, it comes with a lace tied at the front.

Boadies’ length varies based on style, design, and fashion trend. A Boadies design varies from the waist down to the knees or even sometimes above the knees as well. The manufacturers have come up with new styles that are neoprene and don’t open completely at the front. It also provides enough stretch for a simple pulling on and off.


Manufacturers have also experimented with making them with a pocket that retains and drains water inside the pockets. website has more you should know about boardies and much more, feel free to visit click there and explore more designs. You can also purchase online where you have as access to varieties to choose from.

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