Plastic surgery that yields a successful outcome can boost the self-esteem and self-confidence of most patients. For instance, when a woman was teased when she was young because of her “Dumbo”ears, she will refrain from socializing until the time she has her ears improved by means of surgery.

Correcting what patients consider as a “problem” will help reduce social anxiety and make them feel less self-conscious. They may become less vulnerable, more outgoing and even eager to display their new physical features. Their self-confidence can have an impact on different areas such as their social life, career and even relationships. Feeling comfortable and confident with themselves will radiate positivity in their actions.

Also, according to some studies, good looks are a stepping stone to a successful career, especially when it comes to being hired, promoted and getting an increase in salary. Other studies reveal that attractive individuals are treated more favorably in restaurants and retail stores. In places where looks and youthful appearance matter, plastic surgery is an effective way to have a successful career.

A successful plastic surgery procedure to majority of people can result to improved self-esteem and confidence. A woman who was mocked when she was in her teens due to her “buck-toothed” smile will avoid smiling until the time her smile is surgically corrected.

Effect of Health on Quality of Life

There are many cases when plastic surgery can improve a patient’s quality of life. These refer to the surgeries that are considered as medically “practical.” An eyelid lift, which takes away the eyelid’s hooded part, is also capable of dramatically improving a patient’s vision. A woman who goes through breast reduction will feel relieved from the long-standing pain she experiences daily to dramatically improve her way of life. A patient who has hanging skin removed after losing 20 excess pounds will definitely feel more comfortable and be motivated to maintain his/her look by increasing his/her levels of physical activity.

A breast cancer patient who has undergone a single/double mastectomy can have her body restored by means of breast reconstruction. Reconstructive surgery can be the solution to the problem of a patient who has a noticeable disfigurement, to make him/her feel free to face people and not to be stared or judged by them like before. Plastic surgery can be a life-changing procedure for a lot of people.

Risks Vs Rewards of Plastic Surgery

The possible rewards given by plastic surgery depend on each individual. According to most patients, the only regret they can think of is not doing it sooner.

However, there are also some who regret having done it, have not done enough research or have not chosen the right surgeon. Certainly, risks are minimized when doing one’s assignment or becoming more informed before going under the knife.

Price should not be a primary or determining factor when choosing a surgeon. Potential patients should make sure of a surgeon’s credentials and ask for references to stay away from red flags.

In addition, patients who consider plastic surgery should be in the best of health and should consider any health issues more than their desire of looking good.

There is some sort of risk involved with all plastic surgeries and this varies from one procedure to the other. Some are minimal while others are grave. Patients will have to decide whether it is all worth it. They should educate themselves. They have to consider the pros and cons. They can also ask the advice of loved ones.