If you want to appear naturally beautiful, but don’t want to use any makeup, then Drama Llama’s tiny baby llamas and clear magnetic eyeliner are the best options. Beautiful tiny baby llamas have micro magnets that are easy to put on compared to the ordinary falsies that require sticky and messy glue to wear.

The clear magnetic eyeliner by Drama Llama is easy to apply with the precise felt-tip clear eyeliner pen. No mess, no stress is the main aim behind the concept of crystal clear magnetic eyeliner. It has a quick-drying solution that makes adjustments simple. It is specially formulated to be compatible with tiny baby llamas. With this Baby Llama Magnetic Lash Kit, you may instantly transform your appearance, especially when you’re a novice who’s not used to using liquid eyeliners. This is great for you. This kit provides you an impressive look without investing in pricey fake eyelash extensions or returns to the salon every two-to-three weeks for refills; you may apply lashes like an expert in your own house.

What are the benefits of clear magnetic eyeliner?

This clear magnetic eyeliner is a beginner-friendly sticky pen that will permanently change your eyelash life. You may wear magnetic lashes with either black or brown magnetic eyeliner, but this transparent liner is for those who prefer a supernatural effect. You can use a single pair of strip magnetic lashes with this clear magnetic lash liner to achieve your desired look.

Clear magnetic eyeliner is designed to complement your tiny baby llamas, and don’t worry about removing this liner. Simply swipe, and it is done. It is secure, quick, and easy to use.

How do these tiny baby llamas and clear magnetic liners work?

It’s one of the best transparent magnetic eyeliners that work perfectly with magnetic lashes. Tiny baby llamas are compatible with our clear liner, specially designed to work with them. Customers who desire a super-natural-looking eyeliner can use it easily.

It is also important to tell you that the clear liner is magnetic, but it has iron oxide that helps to stick the magnets to it. Traditional latex-based glues, which we’ve all fought in the past, are completely different from this. The recipe of magnetic liner ensures that the magnetic eyelashes stay in place throughout day and night.

Does it appear sticky, tacky, or feels dis-comfortable?

The clear magnetic liner keeps the magnetic lashes in place throughout day and night. Consider using tape on your eyelids if your eyelids are hooded. This will prevent the liner from migrating to the upper eyelids and causing a sticky feeling. There is no sticky feeling after applying the lashes and letting the liner dry.

If you want to make sure your eyelashes and skin are near each other and that your eyeliner doesn’t transfer to your eyelashes, follow these steps:

  • While holding the eyeliner pen, gently stretch the skin on the eyelid upward and outward towards the ear with your non-liner-holding hand. Do this both while applying eyeliner and when applying eyelashes. It is possible to release the skin after lash application.
  • If you tend to develop greasy eyelids or a humid day, you may also use translucent oundation powder across the top eyelids to help avoid this.
  • You won’t feel sticky all over your eyelids if you simply line where the lashes are applied.

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