As a wedding guest, it is very important to think about colour choices in addition to choosing the perfect style of dress and the perfect accessories. Colour can draw out your natural beauty and enhance your best features if chosen wisely.

Although pastels are normally shades used by bridesmaids, we will be spotting guests wearing these shades in 2019, particularly powder blue. Every colour conveys its own message and meaning. It is no secret that wearing different colours can affect your mood and also the mood of others around you. Here are the four colours that are trending.

Bright pink

Searches for formal dresses in hot pink shades have risen by 45% year upon year, confirming that the popularity of this shade is growing. With wedding guest dresses, it is a perfect opportunity to wear something bold and bright, enabling you to shine. Bright pink has a fun, vibrant feel to it and is a great choice for a celebration.

Powder blue

Any pastel shades add a touch of elegance to an outfit. Wedding guest dresses in this shade can be seen at Powder blue will be particularly popular this year and can easily be combined with other colours to create an interesting contrast. This colour is very pretty and perfect for a warm summer’s day.


Yellow invokes the happy spirit of sunshine and happiness. Given the joyous occasion of a wedding, why not bring even more happiness to the event by wearing this feel-good option? Many designers have produced bold and beautiful yellow dresses in various styles. If you want to choose something a little different this year, this unusual colour choice may be the one for you.


There are many different green shades, all of which will be popular this year. Pine or forest green can add a touch of sophistication, whilst softer shades such as mint green or lime green can provide you with a fresh look.

Consider what colour you feel great in as you will want to feel extra confident when attending a wedding, but bear in mind that it is always fun to try something different. A wedding can provide the perfect opportunity to wear something flamboyant and adventurous. It is a good idea to try on several colours that you would not normally wear.

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