This is no simple game folks, although you may think fashion is a lawless, gunslinging, wild west of clothes and accessories, it’s not… there are some things specific rules you should be aware of. Just like anything else, in order to break rules you must learn them first, and that goes for fashion as well, especially men’s fashion. Your accessory game should be deliberate and specific, not just a hodge podge of whatever you have that kind of matches in color. The new trend is to mix and match and stack bracelets and necklaces on top of each other, and I am going to give you some tips.

Follow my lead and I think I can help…

Mixing materials – As you may well be aware… hopefully, there are many different materials that you can find for bracelets. From metal chains, to leather straps, to beaded bracelets, to wooden epoxy hybrid like this website. Moderation is key in this category, and not just with the different materials but also the weights and bulkiness. If you have a beaded bracelet, you may want to match it with something more subtle and more delicate like a thin leather strap. A large chain bracelet is best matched with something more natural like wood or thread. If you’re going to wear silver, stick to that color palette unless you’re purposefully mixing metals, then REALLY go for it, so it doesn’t look like a mistake. Another tip for this category is to seek out some fun materials. You can find copper, robe, fabric, vinyl, and so much more as far as bracelets, so really go for it!

Start With A Primary Piece – It is best to start with one primary piece. This does not have to be the biggest bracelet you have, but it should be one that can hang out on it’s own. Then style around that piece, find ways to bring out certain colors within the primary bracelet, or way so accent it with some other materials and shapes. Your primary bracelet should fit into the general story of your shoes and belt. I like to personally use metal as a primary piece, because I think it is the least like the other materials you’ll be using and hits the light the hardest.

Beads Are A Double-Edged Sword – Beads are a classic bracelet that has been adopted from many different cultures. There are prayer beads that come from the East and African beads that come from… well Africa… and many more. The key to stacking beads is to always be wary of the color pallette. Don’t get so wild that you have every color in the rainbow represented, less is more. Also, you can find beaded bracelets to also have different tones and feels. Some wrap around multiple times, while others are smaller and more subtle. Maybe a set of metal beads could be a cool accent to a more natural look.

You can treat you wrist like your own personal canvas on which to paint your bracelet masterpiece, but remember, just like any art, you need to be in control of the painting. You need to be delicate in times of subtlety and confident in times of boldness. Now go paint your masterpiece, your wrist awaits.

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