If you head to your wardrobe in the morning rooting around for the right thing to wear and you just can’t find it despite having heaps of clothes, then it may be time for you to clear out your wardrobe and identify a few essentials that are needed for every mens wardrobe.

Once you have worked out the items that you need, treat yourself to some new items that you will actually wear, like these mens designer jackets from EJ Menswear. But first, you will need to do the hard part and have a clear out – here are a few of the basics that every man needs…

A Good Suit – A suit that can be worn for work or for pleasure is the ultimate holy grail. Colours like blue or grey are better for a more modern look, and you can wear the jacket as a blazer with jeans fir that smart casual look.

A Well Fitted Pair of Jeans – A good pair of jeans are a wardrobe essential. Jeans that fit well and look good as well as feeling comfortable are what is important, so if you are holding onto jeans that aren’t all that, get rid.

A Classic White Shirt – A white shirt is another of those must have items as it can be dressed up or down. Go for a good quality shirt that fits well. Long sleeves are probably best as they can be rolled up for a casual look.

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