Despite that fact that most of us go in the summer there is a very strong argument for taking a holiday in the winter as well. Whilst you could go for a winter sun break the normal rules apply for packing. However, what if you get to go on an Alpine trip or a winter break to the Scottish Highlands for a romantic week in a Hotel. What on earth do you take on such a trip? Fear not, help is at hand and to get away from the old routine and take in some Autumn winter colours and scenes is certainly very beneficial to one’s physical and mental wellbeing during the dark and gloomy October to  February period.

First off you need to have a look at what’s already in the wardrobe. The last thing you want to do is stock up on new stuff (although a little something wouldn’t hurt, maybe even some Mens Aran Sweaters for himself to look the part perhaps?) which you might only use once. You may even have plenty of options to go to already in the wardrobe.

One thing that the experts all say you will need to do is live by the following mantra, pack light and layer. On a winter trip the best thing to do is make sure that the clothes you take do a “double duty” as it were. It might be tempting to go for the thick padded jumpers but, as with the Mens Aran Sweaters that we mentioned above, lightweight wool combined with a t-shirt base layer is great. In fact, let’s talk about base layers as they are a fundamental part of the winter packing process. Lightweight t-shirts and leggings worn under over trousers and regular wear is a good example of the layering we discussed. For proper base layer comfort you might want to look at some proper outdoor clothing wear sellers.

The reason why layering is so important is because when you come in from your skiing sojourn or a hike over the heather and Highlands the fire will be roaring in the grate and the heating will be full up. This sudden change of temperature can make that Autumn/Winter coat feel very warm so it’s best to start getting it all off to get to those layers underneath. You’ll appreciate that inside warmth a lot sooner if you’re down to the leggings and a nice hoodie sooner rather than later.

This is where some over trousers would be a very good idea. These are natty waterproof and lined trousers that go over regular trousers of leggings. They are great protection and you can still find some pretty stylish ones on the market that are more age appropriate. The other thing to get is a decent coat. You might not need a great big one that makes you look like an Antarctic Explorer but something to keep out the chill and rain is certainly a sound investment.

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