Everybody gets excited about the summer and all the nice new clothes you can buy for it but I believe that there is a much better time for buying clothes. For me it’s the Autumn and winter where the best opportunities for shopping arise. Whether it’s for yourself or you’re out on the hunt for some Christmas bargains for others, the sights and scents of the Autumn and Winter shop in the town is perfect. There is a bustle to the place that is not the same as the summer when it’s too hot to really bother and you’d rather be at the beach anyway. What are the best buys for the winter wardrobe to keep you snuggled up till the sun comes out in March again.

The first thing that you need to look into getting is some decent bits of wool. A good jumper or sweater is one of the mainstays of any winter wardrobe and should be at the front and centre of your armoury against the cold. Don’t just think about getting one or two for yourself, Mens Aran Sweaters are some of the best that you can buy, Some of the best examples can be seen at Shamrock Gift. The wooly jumper has been the mainstay of both men and women’s wardrobes for centuries and there is no reason why this shouldn’t still be the case.

Next up is Hoodies. These have almost replaced the jumper in some cases. You can easily see why. These versatile items with the pouch at the front and the drawstring hood offer great protection from the elements plus they can be combined with a decent packable or waterproof jacket to really make a nice warm and wet resistant combination.

One thing that becomes clear from shopping for winter clothes is that laying up is essential. As we have seen the hoodie and the aran Sweater can both be worked into a package as a whole. This also leads me to comment on not forgetting the humble t-shirt during the winter clothes shop. Layering is the key so that you can add or take away depending on the environment you find yourself in.

We haven’t touched on what to cover the legs with yet. One of the best and most killer combinations has to be the maxi skirt and the knee length (or thigh if you’re feeling particularly daring) boots. Brown or black still seems to be the default colour but why? Red and Dark Purple can easily be matched up to a nice long brown skirt. There is even a little scope to go Bo Ho although that is still very much the realm of the summer. Jeans will always be with us of course and thick leggings and jeggings still remain popular. Word of advice though make sure that the jumper covers the top half of the leggings.

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