Clothing can play a key role in projecting the right image. Whether at work, entertaining clients or relaxing with friends, dressing appropriately is vital. Keeping your wardrobe in good condition helps you to maximize its value and ensures that the right garment is to hand whatever the occasion.

Great outfits do not always have to be expensive, but if you have invested in women’s or mens designer clothes, then you will surely want to take care of them so that they last and wear well.

Store carefully

Throwing your clothes into a bag or shoving them in a drawer will not enhance their shape or durability. Fold heavy jumpers and store them flat on a shelf. Button up all buttons, zip any zippers and hang jackets on decent hangers (not wire ones). Let your clothes breathe by giving them a bit of space.

Wear regularly

Avoid picking out one old faithful from the wardrobe each day and instead ensure that you wear all of your clothes in turn. Regularly rotating your different outfits will keep them fresh and will avoid heavy wear on any one particular garment.


Dehydration can also affect clothes and, of all household appliances, the tumble-dryer will damage your clothes the most. Turn down the temperature, and don’t tumble dry any outfit that is most important to you.


If jeans or shirts are faded after many washing and drying cycles, you could try using some dye to freshen the colour.

Careful grooming

Apply hair product, make-up and other toiletries before getting dressed to avoid spills, and make sure deodorant is always dry and will not stain clothes.

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The right clothing really can be a great investment and can help boost not only your personal profile but also your career. Investing in well-made garments and ensuring that you take the best care of them will undoubtedly make you look and feel great at all times.

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