Commonly, women do not pay a lot of attention to underwear as they should. Lingerie and underwear are as or more important compared to outerwear. You should wear a panty style that makes you feel comfortable and confident. As there are plenty of panty styles available, there is an option for all preferences. Select the style, which is best according to you and according to the coverage you are looking for. There are various panty styles designed to fit your body and offer you maximum comfort.

  • Thongs

Thongs are unconventional and sexy panties that have a flexible and soft gusset and they keep you comfortable throughout the day. They have an erotic style and this low-rise underclothing offers minimum butt coverage. With tight bottoms and skinny jeans, thongs will provide you great fit and they prevent you from embarrassing moments such as undies showing. Thongs have a waistband just like your normal panties, but, they have a narrow string, which runs from the front to the back.

  • Tummy tuckers

Tummy tuckers are mid-rise panties, which are used as shape wears. These panties provide complete rear coverage and they control the bulge and sit above your hip bone. You can wear these panties under sexy bodycon dresses so that you can show your flat tummy. These panties can make you feel comfortable by covering your extra tummy. You can wear them with casuals and ethnics for a smooth look.

  • Boyshorts

Boyshorts are made like the boy’s briefs. They have a higher rise and waistband compared to briefs. They are rectangular and offer complete coverage. They go a bit below the hips, unlike the regular panties. Women prefer them because they offer secure comfort. It is a comfortable option and offers maximum coverage. You will find boyshorts in various styles and they are perfect to include them in your panty wardrobe. These panties can be worn under short skirts or flared dresses.

  • Hipsters

Hipsters are a mixture between boyshorts and bikini. Compared to the regular briefs, the waistband sits lower and it goes around the hip. They are comfortable to wear and offer good coverage. They have wider side seams and offer more coverage compared to bikinis. Hipsters do not leave elastic marks and they are made to keep you cool all through the day. Hipster panties for women are hybrids between briefs and bikinis and you can wear them along with mid-rise jeans and skirts. Many of them cover full rear thus offering additional comfort.

  • Bikinis

Bikinis sit lower on waist along with a shorter rise and a narrow side seam. These are perfect for minimalist girls who prefer panty to do their job without plenty of fabric. The waistband placement of a bikini is very comfortable for many girls. A bikini is a must-have for all girls. These panties are available in various designs and you can mix and match them up with matching bras. They provide you full rear coverage and keep you comfortable all through the day. They sit low on your hip area. You can pair them with low-rise skirts or jeans and they will give you additional sensuality.

When you buy panties online, the most important thing is to buy comfortable and breathable underwear. Panties should not be too tight or too loose and they should not pinch or ride into your skin. It is always recommended to purchase panties from good brands. For daily use, choose only the right fabric. Regardless of the panty style you choose, select the one that can keep you comfortable all through the day and night.

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